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April 27, 2010

Dreamcatcher Lure Batik Licensed

Delightful Jesica Retzleff is the MUSKY GIRLTM!  She reps Dreamcatcher Lures owned by Bill Green, along with other musky fishing gear. Jes is very enthusiastic about musky fishing and encourages women to give the exciting sport a try.  While searcing the internet for musky artists, she came upon my freshwater fish art online, including my musky batiks and  loved my art!  Ironically, we both live in northern Wisconsin.

Hence, our connection resulted in me creating a batik design licensed to Musky Girl, LLC TM in cooperation with Bill Green. 

Jes now offers T-shirts with the Magnum Dreamcatcher batik design on them .  The design is unique with the lure curving around the neckline as if to appear as a necklace, along with the fishing line wording of  "Dreamcatcher Lures".

Here we are at a Sport Show, with me in the pink T and Jes in the black T.

If you want to learn how to catch muskies, contact http.// !!!
If you want a musky fishing shirt especially designed for women, contact, Jes Retzleff!
 ~ ~ ~She's the M U S K Y   G I R L TM! ! ! ~ ~ ~

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