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September 12, 2012


Our daughter, Renee, returned from shores of Lake Superior, with agates and agate books. She suggested I do an agate batik on silk. Having always been amazed at the patterns that occur in nature, I became very motivated to create a freestyle batik (no preliminary drawing) with agate patterns in mind. I first purchased a white fringed silk sarong, mixed colors that blended and those with contrast, painted wax and dyes onto slippery silk and had a great time doing so!!

IN PROCESS, partially covered in wax!

I sold the batik at an art show to Paula K. who explained
that she planned to frame the sarong, rather than wear it. 
Thank you Paula for your purchase and creativity!

Paula had the silk batik framed in the most unique way, folding the fabric upon a tasteful contrasting background!  This contrast presented the fringe so nicely too!  Look how the silvery blues in the batik match the pillows below!

Upon completion of my batiks, I always photograph them,
creating images for future marketing possibilities. It's fun to search for exciting areas within the batik to feature on canvas giclees, paper, acrylic and metal prints and greeting cards on

I also select striking areas that I redesign, using Adobe Photoshop, for offering repeat patterns available for licensing. 
My batik  repeats offer lucious crackle effect details with blended multi-color!

Cafepress is a print-on-demand company that offers
so I couldn't resist adding (check out this link)
Bringing JOYFUL art to your world!

June 2, 2011


MEET JACKIE, one of my loyal print-on-demand customers!

Jackie's wearing her first purchase from my Cafepress store,

a BOWING 24-7 fiddle shirt.

Since retiring, she's learned how to play a multitude of instruments! She even made the resonant drum and mellow sounding wooden flute shown here. My art compliments her interest in music and that keeps us both happy! Shown here, are Jackie's Fiddler of the Forest Black Shirt, Crazy Fingers Piano Tote, Drum Hooded Sweatshirt and Guitar Sweatshirt, all with vibrant batik designs.

Here's the back side of the CRAZY FINGERS Piano Tote. Yes, she plays piano too!

I like adding a different but related design to the backs of the sweatshirts and shirts!

Jackie used horsehair and feathers from her own horses and birds to decorate her drum and flute.

~ ~ ~

Jackie's story:



Jackie Hamlin May 2011

Somewhere in 2006, I decided to retire. I had been writing down goals every year for the past 10 years, back to the 1990’s, of what I still wanted to accomplish, once I was retired and had time to devote to my dreams. On the list, year after year, was “learn to play guitar”. I’d always wanted to play guitar. At one time in those 10 years of waiting, I purchased a Roy Clark guitar from a TV ad. There it sat, in its case, waiting for the time when I could begin lessons.

Over the past 4-5 years, beginning with guitar, I naturally had a curiosity about other stringed instruments. So I also began to explore violin, and then acquired a piano, which led to the need for piano lessons. I now have a banjo and had a lovely harp made by Dave Woodworth of Heartland Harps & Music, Zirconia, NC. Pamela Bruner painted artwork of butterflies as I requested. I'm still loving the stringed instruments very much!

I joined a drumming circle after taking a drum making class, and then had an opportunity to make a wooden flute, so I branched off into that direction as well, musically. Jam sessions have been a great way to meet other local musicians. Both drumming circles and jam sessions provide friendship, challenges and offer a place to contribute what I’ve learned. It’s very rewarding!

Over the past years, I was fortunate enough to take a full music appreciation course at Nicolet College in Rhinelander, WI and now assist WXPR, the local public radio station in producing playlists for one of the hosts.

Currently, I’m taking lessons in guitar, alternating with banjo. In addition, summer class sessions in violin and piano are on my calendar. While loving the sweet sound of mountain dulcimers, I could not resist ordering a dulcimer making kit from Cripple Creek Dulcimers, Manitou Springs, Co. This is a great project for my 85 year old dad and me to work on together!

I have a bulletin board in my tiny music room, where I log the time spent daily on practice. Also, there’s an article on my school calendar from the Campanile Conservancy for theArts, that I re-read from time to time. It says, “Practice Does Make Perfect!” Also, my little note that says simply, “What’s Standing in the Way of Your Dreams?” reminds me of what’s important to me at this stage in my life. I’ve never dreamed I would love music so much! It’s gotten me through the bad times as well as the good times. I am so fortunate to have been able to follow my dream! Jackie

May 25, 2011

Fiddle Batik to Fiddle Fabric

Creating batiks by painting layers of hot wax and dyes onto silk is one of my specialties.  I find it rewarding to utilize my designs by uploading images of my batiks to print-on-demand sites. Spoonflower is a reputable print-on-demand fabric company where I offer several fabrics.  The fiddle batik design above was the first in my music series.  I selected a portion of this design to upload to Spoonflower.  Spoonflower automatically creates a repeat pattern from my image.  Customers choose from as assortment of fabric types and purchase a fat quarter or yardage.   
Renee Stauffer purchased Spoonflower fabric and created these cute outfits for her kids that were in a fiddle concert.  The lucky teacher received the pillow below that Renee made with the scraps.
Renee says, "It's great fabric, the outfits got tons of comments!"
I'm delighted when my art can bring joy to the lives of others!

March 17, 2011

Scarves - Lucious and Colorful

I'm back from Mexico, where I had a great time with family and also participated in art shows.  This is the first time I presented my hand dyed silk-fringed scarves.  They were a hit and I'm ready to dye more!
Underwater Pattern
15" x 60" scarf
Bamboo Pattern
15" x 60" Scarf

Scarves are semi-transparent in some areas which offers a delightful look after dyeing.  I use Jacquard Green Label dyes and paint the dyes onto the scarf. Love the long fringe!!

December 18, 2010

2011 COLOR TREND - Honeysuckle

Pantone has reported that the 2011 Color of the Year is HONEYSUCKLE!
~ Pink ~  Pink  ~ Pink ~
I'll have to say I was surprised!
After inspecting my surface design collections,
I've come across some repeat patterns that fit into this category.
I imagine a bathroom with a tile wall border
a one-of-a-kind end table made from tiles.
Inspiration took hold! 

 now contains a few of my repeats that feature honeysuckle!

FLORAL DELIGHTS "TranZitionZ by SuZe" tiles
 used on bathroom counter edging and wall border....this one is fit for a little PRINCESS!

November 23, 2010

Patriotic Design Licensed

 licensed to Carolina Mfg. for Bandannas!
 Soon to be available at Joann Fabric stores!
Close up view of the batik crackle!
Dancing Stars is a combination of batik designs,
layered as if the stars are dancing in and out of the stripes.
I'm very pleased to have licensed with Carolina Mfg!

September 27, 2010


"Red Snapper", "Red Snapper Hiding" and "Gorgonian" fabrics now available for purchase on Spoonflower!  These are my BATIK designs offered as repeat patterns! 

You'll also find my dandy DRUMS 2 batik design now available as an exciting conga drum repeat!

Handy zippered purses were fun to make, 
using my Spoonflower swatches
 for the front pocket area of the purse!

CLICK HERE to view all my print-on-demand fabrics at Spoonflower:

September 4, 2010


When Spoonflower offered FREE SWATCH DAY, it was very timely.   I needed a pocket on the front of my fiddle case to house my band  brochures and thought it would be fun to utilize my own fiddle batik design right on my case!  Thrills!  I knew Spoonflower offers fabulous upholstery fabric which would be durable on my case.  After a little Photoshop work on my  fiddle batik, I uploaded my new design. A week later my "FIDDLE 1" fabric swatch arrived and here's what I came up with.

The texture and printing of the fabric is
W O N D E R F U L !
CLICK HERE to view my fabrics available to order on Spoonflower!
You'll find colorful musical, ocean, nature themes and attractive batik and photographic repeat patterns!