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December 15, 2009


Now that SPOONFLOWER offers print-on-demand fabric to the public, artist's can upload their images and make a commission.  Artists must first purchase samples of the fabrics for approval.  I just received my first samples and am delighted with quality of printing, the fine details of my batik art and photographic designs and timeliness in shipping!

   I had my Blue Water Batik design printed on BAMBOO/Cotton Rayon, because I plan to make some sarongs for my art show in Mexico in February.  It was a good choice! The fabric is soft, light and flowing, perfect for wearing in a tropical breeze!
~~~I'm excited about making sarongs from my Red Snapper Solar Batik fabric as well. I'm impressed with the way the intricate details really show up in this multi-colored design! Printed on wonderful BAMBOO/Cotton Rayon.
~~~Batik designs, Sun Rays 2 and Solar Coral on 8"x8" sample of Quilting Wt. Cotton. I love these multi-colored patterns and am thrilled that the color is so vivid!
~~My Clown Triggerfish is part of my "Ocean Dudes by Duda" Collection. These two 8"x8" samples printed superbly on Organic Cotton Sateen!  The two coordinate nicely with eachother and also the Blue Water Fabric. Especially for scuba divers and ocean enthusiasts!
~~~Rich Blend and Rust Tiled are digitally altered photographs, printed onto Upholstery Wt. Cotton.  This  Rich Blend fabric sample is a bit darker than the online image appears. Perhaps the upholstery fabric is thicker and absorbed more of the color.  There has to be some flexibility when ordering fabrics!~~~Rust Tiled turned out real neat, designed from my photo of rust on a barrel, capturing a range of rich brown tones!
~~~My Crazy Fingers Piano Batik is so popular, that I decided to create this jazzy repeat pattern. The coordinate on the left was created from my original Piano Batik.  I call it Blue Notes. What do you think about using Blue Notes at Holiday time, for Christmas tree skirts, tablecloths, placements and such? Great for music enthusiasts! Both are on Quilting Wt. Cotton which picked up all the color and details!

 ~~~Two popular music batiks are my Fiddle and Guitar! I reworked the designs to create these fun fabrics.  If you look closely, on the left image, you can see the fiddle's fingerboard, soundholes and shape, which resulted in a pretty cool pattern.  Little hearts on the blue areas were a surprise bonus. :~)
On the right, a neat diamond shape resulted from the Guitar fretboard, producing a wild mirrored repeat! Both work well with denim and black!  These 8"x8" samples were printed onto Quilting Wt. cotton.
~~~ORDER these fabrics at:
      These are my very first fabrics available, anywhere, ever!

~~~Art licensing is my goal!!!!!!!!!!!  If you are a MANUFACTURER, you can view my


  1. Love your designs and colours - would be interesting to also read about your inspiration, processes, etc!

  2. thank you for the post! i love your prints. if you ever want to do more apparel/ tees let me know. i work for a large screenprinter and i would love to work on designs with you.